Bürner - Baptized in Gasoline (CD digipack)

Bürner -  Baptized in Gasoline (CD digipack)

CD digipack format with inner booklet

release date September 30th, 2020

”Baptized in Gasoline” is Bürner’s debut album. Asskickin´ Rock´n´Roll with no brakes! Full throttle Rock with Bürners High Energy. This new Swedish trio take no prisoners! Influences come from all types of genuine hard rock and from all kinds of bands that have inspired them over the years. Anyone that likes Hard energy Rock is in for a treat! Gasoline fueled Rock from Sweden with No brakes!

Bürner is, and will always be, a Hard rockin´ band. Straight forward rock at it´s best.
A bürner fan is a fan of Rock´n´Roll.
The three guys from Sweden don’t play stale guitar rock, but groove into R’n’R paradise. Motörhead, AC/DC, Saxon, Ramones? Admittedly very big names. But you just can’t avoid mentioning those bands while describing BÜRNER. Their music sounds like a spontaneous casual jam, bursting with energy. Their sound is loud and heavy, vibrant and always catchy.

1. Hey Hey 3.35
2. Hammerdown 4.00
3. Kill You Til You’re Dead 3.36
4. Run Like Hell 3.11
5. Gasoline 2.27
6. Slaughter 3.07
7. The Burner 3.21
8. Don’t Fake The Ache 3.25
9. Murder 3.25
10. 8 Million Reasons To Cry 3.37

Extra tracks (only on CD)
11. Rock’n’roll 3,06
12. On the Shitlist 3,36