Cannibal Accident - Nekrokluster - LP Black

Cannibal Accident - Nekrokluster - LP Black

LP 12" Black Vinyl
including free poster

Release date 26 Feb 2021

History so far.
In the beginning of 2007 Lenets and Kolkka were boozing in their hometown Turku and they ended up in a local rock club. There were several bands playing and the name of the game was grindcore. Yeah, the bands played well but something was missing. Where the hell were delicious mosh parts that f.ex. Napalm Death and S.O.D. used to have? To tell you the truth, if your mosh parts are good then your song will be memorable.
Fueled by this ambition Cannibal Accident was founded to bring you oldschool grindcore with quality mosh parts.
Cannibal Accident has shared the stage and toured with f.ex. the following awesome entities: Gutalax, Cannabis Corpse, Rotting Christ, Misery Index, Exhumed, Cumbeast, Torture Killer, Inferia, Lubricant, Solothus, Convulse, Galvanizer and many others.

"With the songs in Nekrokluster we deliver the death metal side of Cannibal Accident more than ever before but the rotten vibes of necroculinary old school grindcore with neckbreaking mosh parts are still very much present as well."

Line-up 2020:
Kolkka - guitar
Wilkman - drums
Heikki Raisio - brutal grunts
Kurwa Doktor - supersonic sodomy
Joni Suodenjärvi - bass & backing screams