Deathcrush "Under Serpents Reign" Semi Transapernt Brown Vinyl

Deathcrush "Under Serpents Reign" Semi Transapernt Brown Vinyl

Release date: 26 April 2022
Item ships out on or around: 2 May 2022

Genere: Furious Death Musik

Under Serpents Reign is Deathcrush's third studio album. It consists of eight songs plus an intro and an interlude.
It was recorded and mixed in Sassari at Andy Mornar's RedWarlock Studio between February and March 2021,
while the mastering was carried out at the Hertz Studio (Poland).
The artwork was created by Paolo Girardi based on the lyrics and musicality of the album,
which can be considered an evolution of the two previous ones.

Line up:
Luigi Cara - Bass & Vocals
Giampiero Serra - Drums
Andrea Sechi - Guitars

1) Apocalypse Of The Fall
2) Beheading Jehovah Prop
3) Under Serpents Reign
4) No Heaven Awaits
5) Daemonology - Sympho
6) Thy Sovereign
7) Deathmarch To Obscurit
8) Black Thelema
9) Wolfskull
10) From Servant To Warf