Fulci "Opening The Hell Gates" re-issue "Cloudy" lp

Fulci "Opening The Hell Gates" re-issue "Cloudy" lp

Item ships out on or around: 28 april 2022

12" clear vinyl + blue splatter
#200 copies

Remastered edition (audio and artwork)
Italian death metal tribute to the master of gore first album based on the cult motion picture "CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD"
Included bonus track "Death by Metal" feat. Metal Carter

01 Zombie Slam Squad
02 Premature Sepoltura
03 AmongThe Walking Dead
04 Deranged Minds
05 Feeding The Undead
06 Gore Life
07 Opening The Hell Gates
08 Paura
09 Incubus In The Surgery Room (DEMO)
10 City Of The Living Dead (DEMO)
11 Inferno II
12 Death By Metal (feat. Metal Carter & Face Your Enemy)