NEKER - "SLOWER" cd digipack

NEKER - "SLOWER" cd digipack

cd digipack

release date: 18/06/2021

Southern metal/ Sludge/ Doom

“Slower” is a slow, dark and heavy album. While maintaining a strong identity, it ranges from tight and violent songs to melodic ambient ones with slow dark riffs.

01. Nosferatu
02. Like There's No Tomorrow
03. Too Fierce
04. Another One
05. A Kind Of Pain
06. Something From Nowhere
07. Pretty Fucking Far From Ok
08. The Birth Of Pain
09. Laura Palmer's Theme
10. The World I Waiting For
11. Deception Of The Guardian

Line up:
N E K E R - bass/lead vocal
Alessandro Eusebi - guitar
Daniele Alessi - drum