Goatburner - "Extreme Conditions" (CD Digifile format)

Goatburner  - "Extreme Conditions" (CD Digifile format)

Goatburner's debut album is an explosive mix of Death metal, Power-violence and Sludge, featured by members of Rotten Sound and Ratface.

"Extreme Conditions" goes through the weather of today, with such unpredictability, that one could not forecast the next riff, tempo, drum beat or lyrical pattern. While "Time to Burn" might have sounded almost uplifting at times, "Extreme Conditions" focuses on the negative and disturbing sides of the chaotic forces of nature we have to live in today. It grabs the listened with such power from the introductory "Dead Alert" to closing track "Wave of Doom", that the one does not even realize, how quickly the 33 minutes of mayhem passes while listening to it.

Line up:
Spider (Jaakko Forsman) - drums
Kaos (Keijo Niinimaa) - guitar, vocals

Goatburner took off on one burning hot summer night of 2017 in the depths of Helsinki and is formed by the drummer Spider (from Ratface hardcore, cult-chaos outfit Pikakassa and techdeath band Skulmagot ) and guitarist/vocalist Kaos (from Morbid Evils and finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound). Main idea was to start writing unique songs in vein of the deathmetal heroes from late 80's and early 90's with some new spices from negative sludge and powerviolence madness.
The duo felt confident about the minimalistic approach and decided to book Chaotic Doom Cave Studios where Goatburner tracked total 13 songs. The 1st taster of the session, self-released “Time to Burn” digital EP, came out in August 2018.
Genre: Deathmetal, Powerviolence, Sludge

Extreme Conditions tracklist:
1. Dead Alert
2. Time to Burn
3. Mayhem
4. Drowned Alive
5. Violent Redeemer
6. Vortex of Chaos
7. Frozen Grounds
8. Get Sick and Die
9. Blown Away
10. Wave of Doom

“Extreme Conditions” will be released on 27th September 2019 via Time To KIll Records.