Fulci - Tropical Sun - Lp Splatter "Tropical Sun"

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Fulci - Tropical Sun - Lp Splatter "Tropical Sun"

12" Lp pressed on beige/red splatter wax with front/back insert
Ultralimited to 100 copies

Italian death metal tribute to the master of gore movies. FULCI returns with their second album inspired by the movie Zombi 2 and titled "Tropical Sun". Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ando at Till Deaf Recording Studio (IT). Tropical Sun contains 14 tracks of rotting death metal. 34 minutes of groovy slams, atmospheric horror sounds and first wave of death metal deep growls. Tropical Sun will bring you in a death metal cinematic experience. Featuring Zombi 2 inspired cover artwork by Chris Misanthropic Art (MORTUARY DRAPE, SCORCHED) and internal artwork by Danny Bellone. This record should be played loud!

FFO: Cannibal Corpse (Tomb of the Mutilated, the Bleeding) Incantation, early Nile, Devourment, Mortician and Fabio Frizzi.

“Tropical Sun” tracklist:
01. Voodoo Gore Ritual (instrumental)
02. Tropical Sun
03. Apocalypse Zombie
04. Splatter Fatality
05. Matul Tribal Cult
06. Legion Of The Resurrected
07. Palms By The Cemetery
08. Witch Doctor (instrumental)
09. Genetic Zombification
10. Eye Full Of Maggots
11. Church Of The Undead
12. Blue Inferno
13. Immortality Virus (instrumental)
14. March Of The Living Dead (instrumental)

“Tropical Sun ” LP Limited Edition will be released on 6th December 2019 via Time To Kill Records.