Sepolcral "Scourge" cd jewel case

Sepolcral "Scourge" cd jewel case

Releases February 17, 2023

Scourge is the new album from Sepocral and it perfectly manifests their intentions: to hit the listener in the fastest and most direct way possible.
The album has 11 tracks plus an outro that violently and directly exudes the musical influences of all the members, ranging from death grind to black to thrash with an hc sound.
Lyrics deal with different subjects, always presented from an obscure and internal point of view, from splatter gore scenarios with a fetish taste, to the angry outburst of a moment of discomfort, to the most varied religious references.

01 - Suicider
02 - Svartur Skit
03 - Bastard Tongue
04 - Interred Species
05 - Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
06 - Post Traumatic Martyr
07 - Purity
08 - Flagello
09 - Broken Armour
10 - White Venom Temple
11 - The Miserable Choice
12 - Ludmilla