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Undertakers "Dictatorial democracy" LP 12" BLACK


Image of Undertakers "Dictatorial democracy" LP 12" BLACK
  • Image of Undertakers "Dictatorial democracy" LP 12" BLACK

12" LP pressed on black wax

"Dictatorial Democracy” marks the return to the scene of seminal band Anarco Grind Undertakers; A mix of new and old songs, passing through the various phases of their career which began in 1991. "Dictatorial Democracy", released on October 30, 2020 by Time To Kill Records (in 3 extra limited Vinyl edition), contains two fundamental covers: "Fascist Pig" by Suicidal Tendencies and the grind reinterpretation of “Repeatedly”, which marked the collaboration with the Neapolitan band 99 Posse.

-Hate since 1991- says the band that in 2020 gives us again a proof of attitude, technique and violence without compromise.

releases October 30, 2020

Best Hate (New)
Dictatorial Democracy (New)
Religion is a Crime (New)
I’m the Motherfucker *
Fascist Pig **
Ripetutamente ***

Side B
My Pride *
The Night of Bastards *
It’s time to Die****
The Riotmaker****
Society vs Society ****
Human Decline *****

* Vision Distortion Perversion
** Suicide in Venice Tribute to Suicidal Tendencies
*** 99 posse Cover
**** Noise in Stereo
***** Suffering Within