Varukers - The Demos - Anniversary Edition

Varukers - The Demos - Anniversary Edition

Varukers - The Demos - Anniversary Edition

In 1980 the Varukers went into Woodbine Studios in Leamington Spa, and rercorded these demo's engineered by Johnny Rivers. Some tracks have been previously released but some have their first release here.
March of the SAS, What the hell do you know , Governments to blame are the original versions and differ from the versions that appeared on the debut album Bloodsuckers. Destroy the system has never before release and the long lost song Busted Again appears here as a live recording found on a practice tape.

British punk rock band formed in 1979 by vocalist Anthony "Rat" Martin. They produced their most influential recordings in the early 1980s. The band play in D-beat, and the Varukers' lyrics carry an anarchist political ideology, Ultra limited edition from the band's demo.

Line up:
Anthony "Rat" Martin - Vocals
Ian "Biff" Smith - Guitar
Brian Ansell - Bass
Kevin Frost - Drums

01. March of the sas
02. What the hell do you know
03. Varuker
04. No education

05. Goverments to blame
06. Good time girls
07. Destroy the system
08. Punk aint dead
09. Busted again